What did I learn during this semester?

To start, I would like to say that at the very beginning of the semester I was not really enthusiastic about what we were going to do, I mean blogs, computers...because I am not really in love with ! However, I am rather happy now because I've learnt plenty interesting things and tools...
I've learnt how to create a blog and add podcasts even if I am still very bad using it ! Moreover, I know more about new technologies and Web 2.0 that lead me to say that I 've learnt how to use many great tools for me and for teaching to kids like Wordle, Story Maker, Flickr, Voicethread and also Toon Boom Studio. They are all great tools that can be used for teaching, create a stoty telling for kids and follow-up activities...
Few tips about making good stories for kids:

What does a good story contain?
  • Teaching objective (imput): moral lesson, follow-up activities
  • A good story have a beginning, a Middle and an end !
  • Conflict: external, internal, environmental
  • Resolution of conflict: climax!
  • Happy endings and so on...
Few benefits of stories:
  • Developping imagination
  • Teaching moral values
  • Making kids thinking about how to react in real life / capacity to solve a problem
  • Interacting with others
  • Developping way of thinking / point of view
  • Asking themselves questions
  • Learning skills throught stories
Language Input / Output:

  • Visuals: pictures, colours, cartoon
  • Type: humorous, horror, detective, fairy
  • Language: vocabulary, grammar
  • Sounds: animals, music...
  • Characters: clearly define: bad/good/hero/vilain...
Telling a story:

  • Make gestures, mimes...
  • Speak slowly and repeat
  • Eye contact: participation
  • Make pauses
  • Variation of voices
  • Play games
  • Draws
  • Sing songs
  • Acting the story
  • Quiz...

Few important words I've learnt this semester in class, podcasts or activities:

Podcasting, broadcasting, video-conference, templates, artefacts, wired, Web 2.0, digital, baladodiffusion, input, output.

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